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SWTOR Guide to the Sith Sorcerer

This Sith Sorcerer guide will contain all the information you need to know about the Sorcerer advanced class. This is one of the coolest classes in SWTOR, so if you have not yet played it, you are really missing out.


In this SWTOR guide, we will be going over everything you need to know about this class. This guide will cover everything from spells to builds.

Speaking of builds, the best build for a low-level Sith Sorcerer is the Madness build. This allows you to do extra damage with Force Lightning, makes Force Lightning cost very little focus, makes you get push-back resistance on Force Lightning, and lets you chain-cast Force Lightning with no cooldown. In short, it is a really good class. I have found that at a low level and with bad gear no other class can compare to the amount of damage I am able to dish out.

On the other hand, very surprisingly I might add, I do not think that the Sith Sorcerer is an amazing healer. The Trooper and Bounty Hunter classes seem to be better at low-level healing since they have so many Heal Over Time effects. The Sorcerer does shine with its shield ability, but you can use this shield just as easily with an offensive build as you can with a healing build. In fact, you have a talent in your damage-dealing tree which actually increases the effectiveness of the shield. This leads to a very interesting predicament in which players have to choose between shielding and healing.

As a result, you should play the Sorcerer as a DPS class. It really is a great DPS class in PvP. It gets a crowd control ability, a stun attack, a knockback, a ranged snare, and a sprint ability. It is very easy to kite enemy players this way. When a Jedi or Sith uses their leap ability, you simply knock them back then snare them, kiting them along as you use your attacks. Once they get close again or jump after you again, you can use your sprint ability to get away again and then attack them one more time. By this point, they will be so low on HP that you can handle them very easily.

In short, the Sith Sorcerer is my favorite class ever and this SWTOR guide does a good job at explaining why it is so good.


Aeon Guide is the Best SWTOR Guide

Aeon guideIf you have been looking for a good SWTOR guide, look no further than Aeon Guide. This guide has everything you could ever want in a Star Wars The Old Republic guide.

One thing this guide provides is leveling builds for every class in the game. It goes on a level-by-level basis, telling you what level you get each ability as well as the strategies for using these abilities effectively.

This means that not only will you be getting builds for every class, but you will also be getting optimal dps and healing rotations as well. This means you will be able to not only pick out the right talent builds but also maximize your damage output with those abilities and builds.

I have found that Aeon Guide is even more impressive because you get these builds and rotations not only for PvE but also for PvP as well. They have a full PvP guide which is very good and no other Star Wars guide can really compare to all the information you are going to get inside.

If you have ever bought a video game guide before, you know that most game guides are pretty low on quality. This is not the case with Aeon Guide, which really is a high quality guide created by multiple players and writers. That is the real problem with most game guides - a single writer tries to do everything and just does not have enough time to produce a truly comprehensive product which covers every class in the game.

It is instead better to let each player focus on the two similar classes (i.e. Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior) so that they can master that single class inside and out. That is what you will find with Aeon Guide and the quality that results is evidence that this approach works very well.


SWTOR Flashpoints Guide – Rules of the Game

If you have ever played World of Warcraft before, you know that there are special dungeons for groups of players known as instances. These are isolated from the rest of the game world and your group has their own task to complete in which no other players can interfere.

These same instances make their way into Star Wars The Old Republic and are known as Flashpoints. In this SWTOR Flashpoints guide, we will be going over how these flashpoints work and some tips for completing them.

SWTOR Flashpoints Guide - Rules

Flashpoints can accommodate up to 4 players. These can be 4 regular players, 2 players and 2 companions, or 3 players and 1 companion. In the latter case, the group leader's companion will be the one that follows you into the instance.

Most flashpoints beyond level 15 are designed to be completed by full groups of 4 players. If you try to use companions even for the non-Expert versions of each dungeon, it will still be very tough unless you are a higher level than you need to be.

When you are inside the flashpoint, you will be given a specific task to accomplish. You can pull up your map by pressing "M" to see where exactly you need to go inside the flashpoint. This is completely different than many of the other MMORPG instances where you just wander into an instance and clear it out with no rhyme or reason. In this game, you have a specific task you are trying to accomplish and you earn a reward for completing it.

There are anywhere from 3-5 bosses in your typical flashpoint, and each one usually drops some kind of prototype or occasionally artifact equipment. These are good pieces of equipment and typically better than the ones you can find from questing or on normal enemies. They are comparable to the crafted equipment you might see on the auction house.

Bosses usually have some sort of strategy involved in taking them out. A good SWTOR flashpoint guide will help you by giving you the right strategies you need in order to eliminate each boss in SWTOR.


Diablo 3 Guide to the Game

In this Diablo 3 guide, we will be giving you an overview of the world that players find themselves battling over in Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 starts out with the player starting in the world of Sanctuary. This is 500 years after the events of Diablo 2 took place. The Worldstone is already destroyed and evil was temporarily defeated, but recently demons have once again begun creeping into the world of Sanctuary and a hero has a appeared (you) in order to investigate.

In this case, you once again start out in the Act 1 area surrounding Tristiam. In this case, a "fallen star" has crashed into the monastery from once the maddened king was once possessed by Diablo. As the king has been long defeated, it turns out that the Fallen Star has awoken his ghost which you then must battle. He is called the Skeleton king and is very easy to beat. You hardly need a Diablo 3 guide to take him out simply because he does not do very much in normal mode.

Once you get to more difficult modes, you need to avoid his charge and subsequent attacks. Whenever you see him stop swinging and looking directly at you, move perpendicular to the boss as he is about to charge where you are standing and hit that area with a high damage attack. He moves pretty slowly so it is not too difficult to beat if you see it coming and move out of the way.

If you have a lot better equipment than your enemies, you can simply stand up against the Skeleton king and use your high damage attacks, even as a casting class. Spells like charged bolt or poison frogs can be used in melee range to rack up a lot of damage since all 3 charges or frogs always hit if you are casting on a big target from melee range.

If you try to use these from a distance, only 1 or 2 usually hits, but if all 3 hit, the attack is 3 times as powerful. This is a very effective way to take out boss enemies when you can handle taking a bit of damage.


How to Invest in Websites

How To InvestInvesting in websites is very fun, very profitable, but somewhat difficult. In this quick crash course, I am going to teach you the basics for how to invest in web properties so you can learn how to create a new income stream for yourself.

There are a few types of ways you can invest in websites. You can build the website from scratch and hire various contractors to assemble the parts, you can purchase a "fixer upper" and either fix it up to rent or sell, or you can purchase a premium property and maintain it while renting it.

The first way to invest in a website is to build it from scratch. You first need to find out what you want your site to be about. There are many topics out there, but you want to find the intersection of a good topic and a good domain name. Your domain name is like the property on which your house is built, but in this case your house is your website.

Next up, you need to create articles and content to be consumed by visitors to your site. Every good site needs content, and you can either write it yourself or higher a writer. There are plenty of services online like Elance or craigslist which you can use to hire a writer. You can then give them topics and they will write your articles for money.

After you have your articles and load them into your website, you need to market your site. There are a lot of ways you can do this which is far beyond the scope of this article.

Alternatively, you can buy a site which looks like it would be a good property but just needs a little bit of help to really start making more money. In this case, usually some extra related content and a little marketing push is enough to drastically increase its profit. Alternatively, sometimes the design is bad and just needs a different offer. Changing the monetization method of a website can lead to a lot more revenue for all parties involved.


Stomach Ulcer Symptoms – Getting Relief

If you have ever had burning stomach pain, nausea, or been woken up in the middle of the night with stomach ulcer symptoms, you know that they are uncomfortable and can be a real nuisance to deal with. In this article, I am going to reveal to you how you can relieve your stomach ulcer symptoms.

If you want true relief from the symptoms of a peptic ulcer, you need to get rid of the peptic ulcer. Sure, that is easier said than done, but in this article, I am going to teach you exactly how to do that.

The first thing you need to do is visit a doctor. A doctor will be able to give you an H pylori test. If you do not have insurance, you can order a testing kit online and then get the samples you need for the testing kit from a local testing facility like LabCorp. This can be a lot cheaper than visiting a doctor and paying out of pocket for an H pylori test.

If you test positive for H pylori, you can take your results to a doctor or clinic and they can begin treatment for H pylori. This involves a few antibiotics and specific medications, so it is not something you want to mess around with. Be sure to reveal to your doctor and your pharmacist any over the counter medications you may be taking. Sometimes these OTC meds may interfere with your stomach ulcer medication. Your doctor may not even know this, but your pharmacist is very likely to be well versed on this subject, so you can always double check with them.

Pharmacists typically love to share their knowledge on drug interactions, so be sure to ask to speak to someone, especially if you are getting treated at a clinic and not a regular doctor. Clinics are often under-manned so the physicians and nurses working there do not have time to double check every minute detail.

Once you follow through with your H pylori treatment and continue with the medication, you should experience relief from your stomach ulcer symptoms in no time at all.


Heartburn Symptoms You May Not Know About

Heartburn SymptomsHeartburn - the burning feeling inside your chest which wakes you up in the middle of the night. Most people are familiar with this sensation and in others it invokes outright fear at the thought of another sleepless night.

However, did you know there are other heartburn symptoms aside from burning chest pain? In this article, you will discover the alternative symptoms of heartburn that you may not know about.

The first hidden symptoms of heartburn is burping and spitting up of food. This is common after a meal. Your stomach acid may be very diluted after eating a big meal or drinking a lot of liquid. In this case, you may be getting heartburn but may not actually feel the burning stomach pain that is typically associated with it. This does not mean that you are not experiencing heartburn or that you are not getting damaged by the stomach acid, so keep that in mind.

The next hidden symptoms of heartburn is a sore throat, especially if the sore throat is chronic. Many people wake up with a sore throat and blame it on the dry air or cold weather, but in reality it is the result of heartburn which occurs while you are sleeping. Many people never have heartburn symptoms when they are awake but actually suffer from heartburn all night long while they sleep. This often manifests itself as a sore throat.

This symptom can easily be missed, but the danger is that a chronically sore throat due to irritation of the esophagus and throat from stomach acid can lead to Barrett's Esophagus and ultimately may culminate in esophageal cancer. This is a real problem from people suffering from acid reflux and is the main reason people with acid reflux are encouraged to see their doctor.

The last thing you want is esophageal cancer, as it is one of the most aggressive and deadly forms of cancer around. Be sure to take your heartburn symptoms seriously and if you notice any of these symptoms, see a doctor so you can get treated.


How to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

If you want to lose weight in the new year, you are not alone. Many are people are looking for a fast way to lose that holiday weight and a few more pounds to achieve their new year's resolutions.

how to lose 10 pounds

The most common weight loss goal is losing 10 pounds, and as a result this article will focus on how to lose 10 pounds fast and easy. Losing 10 pounds is actually not all that hard if you follow the tips in this article.

The first tip is to walk 30 minutes a day, first thing in the morning before you eat anything. While you sleep, you are fasting for a long period of time since you are not eating while you sleep. During this time, your body relies on body fat for energy and breaks down a lot of body fat for this purpose. This body fat then flows through your bloodstream. You can take advantage of this phenomenon by working out during this time. Note that if you take insulin due to diabetes, this is not appropriate for you.

The next step up is to not eat any carbohydrates (again, unless you are diabetic and taking insulin). Carbohydrates really do make you fatter, so if you can avoid them you will be a lot better off. The reason carbs make you fat is because they stimulate the production of insulin, which is a storage hormone. Your body cannot burn fat while insulin levels are elevated in the bloodstream, so you want to avoid having your insulin elevated if possible. This will keep you in a fat burning mode for as long of a time as you can possibly stand.

As your body's glycogen slowly depletes from your system, this can lead to even more fat burning over time. Once your body has no glycogen left, it is forced to burn body fat for energy. If you keep walking every day while on your low carbohydrate diet, you will start rapidly stripping off fat even though no intense exercise is involved. Of course, you can lose 10 pounds faster if you do engage in some exercise like weight training.

One thing to note is that if you are looking to lose 10 pounds you cannot eat too much dietary fat. You do not necessarily have to follow a low fat diet, but if you are going low-carb you cannot eat an unlimited amount of fat. You still want to keep your total calories under control or you will not burn very much fat. Eating 200 grams of fat a day from cashews and bacon will not get you thin, even if you are keeping carbs low and walking every day.